Chris on Drums
Vol. 1

100 Sounds All Together
-60 Drumset loops, with their stems, and 3 different Snare drums
-10 Fills
-6 Kick one shots
-8 Snare one shots
-7 Hi-Hat one shots
-9 bonus loops (no stems)

Flowers Vol.2 DUBS

159 new sounds, includes some of my favorite Snare and Bass Drum one shots, plus some new grooves I've been shedding. I hope you enjoy :)

-159 Sounds
-44 Live Drums Loops
-4 Percussion Loops
-2 Drum Fills
-16 Clap/Snap one shots
-7 Closed
-7 Open Hi-hat one shots
-30 Kick one shots
-49 Snare one shots

“TOO THE MOON” Drum & Percussion Sample Pack

Contains 183 original drum and percussion samples made and played by Chris Anderson.

-39 snare one-shots
-23 kick drum one-shots
-12 hi-hat one-shots
-12 hi-hat loops
-20 closed hi-hat one-shots
-22 percussion one-shots
-5 cymbal one-shots
-8 clap one-shots
-7 percussion loops
-13 drum loops
-6 drum fills/hits
-5 snap one-shots
-7 rim one-shots
-5 random things

Flowers Vol.1

some drum loops and sounds from some of the songs I’ve produced over the years. royalty free, and the first of many.

Chris on Drums
Vol. 1